Filtration and Pumps


At the heart of any filtration system is the pump. Get a too powerful pump and you’ll damage your equipment. Get a too weak pump and you won’t be able to run your equipment. We ensure that you pick just the right pump for your Swimming Pool or Spa whether it be for filtration, pressure or operating jets.


We have an enormous range of filters available that filter even up to 10 microns. Our installers are fully trained in the latest technology and are able to install both sand and zeolite filters. We will work out the filter that is most appropriate for bather load, maintenance and the hydraulics of the system. Whatever your filtration needs we have it.


We have the widest range of salt and freshwater chlorinators available to suit any size pool or spa. We are happy to help you to pick just the right chlorinator so as to ensure that all the algae and bacteria will be eliminated from your swimming pool without you having to constantly service your equipment.



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