Pool Resurfacing

Painted Pools

Painting your pool is most cost effective method to make an old pool look new and rejuvenated. Paints come in a variety of different colours and are a two-part epoxy resin. The typical life span of paint is between seven to ten years. Typically we perform surface preparation which involves grinding back any loose / flaking paint, then we acid etch the surface and finally we use a heavy duty detergent to wash the surface. Next, we apply tape to any areas we do no wish to allow paint to touch and at this time we also apply the first coat of paint and cut in under the tile line. Then, on the final day we apply the final coat of paint and again cut in under the tile line. The pool is then left for ten days to cure. After ten days the pool is refilled with water. Painting the pool is ideal for people wishing to sell their house in the near future.

Looking to renovate your pool so that it looks great but only have a limited budget? Then repaint your pool and make rejuvenate the surface so that it looks and feels just like a newly built swimming pool. Our renovations are perfect for new or old cement rendered pools, fibreglass pools, marblesheen and previously epoxy painted pools. Painting your pool gives you the option of wide range of colours, low cost and low maintenance solution.

Painting a pool is a multistep process consisting of:

  1. Grinding back any loose / flaking paint
  2. Acid etching the surface to help open the pores of the substrate
  3. Cleaning the concrete using a heavy-duty detergent to remove any grime from the surface
  4. Placing tape on any areas we do no wish to allow paint to touch
  5. Applying the first coat of paint and cutting in under the tile line
  6. Applying the final coat of paint and again cutting in under the tile line
  7. Allowing the paint to cure for ten days
  8. Refilling the pool with tap water
Luxapool Colour Chart

Fibreglassed Pools

Nuplex® Fibreglass for In-ground Concrete Pools

Nuplex® fibreglass is an extrememly durable surface and provides a non-permeable barrier to water. By being non-permeable it provides protection to the concrete surface beneath. Fibreglass has five coats: i. Primer Coat / Sealing Layer for Substrate ii. Polyester Resin iii. Woven Roven Glass Cloth iv. Vinyl Ester Resin v. Colour Gel-coat. It is highly resistant to damage from chemicals and does not easily stain. It is ideal for people who had problems with leaks in the past or who wish to have a very low maintenance pool.

Pebble Pools

Glass Bead – Jewels for Pools

The crystal glass pool lining requires minimal maintenance, is mooth on feet, non-toxic and visually appealing. It contains a special geopolymer designed specifically for pool renders containing glass or crystal. Jewels for Pools is gives you freedom of choice with colour with lots of different choices to mix together.

Colours Available:

  • Blue
  • Cobalt
  • Pearl
  • Black
  • Green


Made from a high density mix of quartz, ceramically coloured stones and specialized sands, Quartzon pools are smooth to touch, yet firm under foot. Quartzon contains a special additive, “starfleck”. This captures and reflects light to create a shimmering pool both on a hot summers day or late at night from your pool light. Quartzon is a truly unique pool interior that creates amazing visual effects in pool water.

Colours Available:

  • White Beach
  • Santorini
  • Ice Blue
  • Sky Bay
  • Pacific Star
  • Royal Blue
  • Calypso
  • Graphite

Seychellia / Aristone

Seychellia and Aristone is the trade names of resurfacing renders made by River Sands Pty Ltd. Seychellia compromises a pre-mixed blend of cement and coloured crystal spheres whilst Aristone is a pre-mixed blend of ceramically fired stones and cement. Both Seychellia and Aristone are smoother than pebbles.

Seychellia Colours

  • Akoya
  • Keshi
  • Mabé
  • Melo
  • Tahitian

Aristone Colours

  • Brilliant Aqua
  • Brilliant Blue
  • Brilliant Stone
  • Crisp Blue
  • Crisp White

Tiled Pools

We use Australia’s largest supplier and importer of tiles for Swimming Pools, The Pool Tile Company. When renovating your pool a fully tiled pool gives you a long wearing surface that has that extra edge of luxury. We have an assortment of tiles available: glass mosaics, ceramic mosaics, porcelain mosaics and stacked stones. To see just some of the tile options available please see here.

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