Pool sanitation systems review

October 01, 2014


  • UV Ozonator - Produces ozone which is an active form of oxygen
  • Multicyclone - Prefilteration device & mixing chamber for chemicals where ozone combines with Hydrogenperoxide to destroy bugs and organics.
  • Automated Dosing System - Doses Hydrogen Peroxide and Hydrochloric Acid.
  • Chemicals - Hydrogen Peroxide, Perox Perfect, Perox Balance and Hydrochloric Acid


  • Chlorine free system does not have the residuals associated with a chlorine system
  • Excellent for asthma and allergy (eczema) suffers who cannot tolerate chlorine in chlorine or salt swimming pools.
  • System produces odourless and flavourless water.
  • Advanced oxidation process means more effective killing of bacteria and organic matter in water than chlorine.
  • Fresh water like feel does not require showering after swimming.
  • Excellent water clarity.


  • System automatically doses acid and Perox sanitizer and monitors pH and sanitizer levels in the pool.
  • Requires weekly addition of Perox Perfect to maintain the exceptional level of water clarity.
  • Chemicals for the system (at time of writing) can be purchased through Swimart Stores (A franchise owned by Waterco).


  • Manufactured by Waterco. Waterco is a publicly listed company on the Australian Stock Exachange (ASX). Patents pending on system worldwide.
  • This is the only true chlorine free pool sanitization system on the market.
  • Does not result in chloramines and other undesirable residual products being left in the water as chlorine does.
  • Comes with a 2 year warranty.
  • Requires changing the filter media to glass.
  • This system will be attractive to pool owners with a severe allergy reaction to Chlorine.
  • This system will be attractive to pool owners who want the benefits of the latest technology
  • The system does not use higher levels of sanitizer with increases in temperature like a traditional chlorine pool.


For sometime now the hunt has been on for an alternative to chlorine based pool systems. The Hydroxypure system is the only true chlorine free pool sanitization system on the market, it is highly innovative and will set the bar high for others to follow.


Waterco’s Official Website for Hydroxypure - www.hydroxypure.com

Waterco’s Product Page - http://www.waterco.com.au

Waterco Video on Hydroxypure - http://vimeo.com/106240141

National Asthma Council Information on Hydroxypure - www.SensitiveChoice.com.au

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