Choosing a new surface for your pool

March 16, 2012


What should material should you use to resurface your pool? There are four main options: Colormaker Pool Paint, Fully tiled, Pebblecrete, Quartzon (New Marblesheen). Why even bother resurfacing your pool? Because the surface of your pool is essential for maintaining the structural integrity of the shell. The surface acts as a waterproof coating preventing water from allowing concrete cancer to develop within the reinforced concrete shell. The surface also ensures that chemicals stay in the water and prevents them from being absorbed into the shell. Also, by resurfacing the pool it makes an old and outdated pool look modern and new.

Let’s now turn to the advantages and disadvantages of each surface:

Colormaker Pool Paint


  • Cheapest of all the resurfacing options.
  • Wide variety of colours to choose from
  • Fast application Disadvantages
  • Typically only lasts 8 years and then has to be completely reapplied.
  • Does not dramatically enhance the appearance of the pool.
  • Can be a slippery surface due to algae growth

Fully Tiled


  • Longest lasting surface that will show no damage for many decades.
  • Premium pool finish
  • Most chemically resilient surface. Disadvantages
  • Most expensive pool surface
  • Slow application
  • Can be a slippery surface due to algae growth



  • Long lasting surface. Typically will last at least 15 years
  • Strong grip so less chances of accidents.
  • Quality pool finish Disadvantages
  • Difficult to treat blackspot algae. Algae that grows in between pebbles is very difficult to remove.
  • Rough surface that some people find uncomfortable to walk on.
  • Pebbles can get stuck in equipment.



  • Long lasting surface. Typically will last at least 15 years.
  • Premium pool finish with small quartz crystals creating a sparkling effect.
  • Strong grip so less chance of accidents.
  • Fast application. Disadvantages
  • Requires an extra chemical to be added every six months (Cal-stop)
  • During the start-up phase the surface requires regular maintenance.
  • If left chemically imbalanced then surface can fade.

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